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Introduction Task Steps Activities Evaluation Conclusion

MULTIPLE CHOICE: Print this page and connect the word to the correct meaning.

1. goals
A. What a person needs to live — food, housing, clothes to keep warm.
2. credit
B. Things a person plans to do.
3. basic needs
C. Fun things to do.
4. entertainment
D. The amount of money one has.
5. finances
E. Borrowing money to buy things.
6. optional spending
F. A plan to help someone pay bills, save money, and have a little left over to spend.
7. debt
G. Spending that is not a need, but a want.
8. budget
H. Attached to a paycheck, it explains how much money you earn.
9. pay stub
I. Owing money to someone.
10. required costs
J. Things that must be paid each month like bills, child care, etc.