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TASK 6: Making Changes

Okay, now you know how much money you make and how much you need just to pay for basic needs and other required costs. How do you think you are you doing? Do you spend more money on things that you need than you earn? If you do, you will need to make some important changes in your life. You need to either make more money or figure out a way to spend less. Maybe you need to get another job. Maybe you need to focus on credit card debt. Maybe you can make changes like driving a less expensive car or living in a cheaper apartment. You will visit some web sites to learn about and explore your options.

Step 1: Listen to the conversation about budgeting and do the quiz in Money Matters. You will be practicing your listening skills and testing your understanding.

Step 2: Thinking about what you just heard, talk with your group members about the different kinds of costs that could be trimmed in a budget. Make a list. Then, share your ideas with the class.

Step 3: As a class, visit the following site to get even more ideas:

Step 4: Working alone, look at your personal budget again. Think about changes you could make.

Step 5: Write a paragraph about the changes you plan to make. How could you be spending your money more wisely? Could you get a roommate to lower the cost of rent? Could you eat out less? Could you make coffee at home instead of buying it at a shop? What changes do you plan to make? Write your ideas into a paragraph.

Step 6: When you are done, read your paragraph to a partner. Talk about the changes you both plan to make.