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Introduction Notes to the Teacher Competencies Extension Activities Evaluation

Activity 1: Banking on Our Future
Encourage more independent students to visit this website with their children at home or the public library. It gives parents and children the opportunity to work and learn together about saving money, banking, credit, and budgeting. Users are required to have a flash plug-in for it to run. A certain level of computer experience is needed to navigate.

Activity 2: Spending Money
Students can go to this site to practice their listening and comprehension skills. It is a dialogue between a father and son about the boy's allowance and what he plans to do with it. Once again, there is a level of expectation for this to be done as an independent activity. This too would be good site for parents to visit with their children.

Activity 3: H.I.P. Pocket Change

Visit the U. S. Mint site for kids with your children. Explore the games and activities on the site.

Activity 4:

Read stories with your children about the penny, the dollar bill, interest, checks and more.