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Introduction Notes to the Teacher Competencies Extension Activities Evaluation

A WebQuest is an online activity in which learners use information gathered from pre-selected Internet sites to increase their knowledge and skills. WebQuests are typically designed to make the best use of a learner's time spent online by providing guidance and structure. WebQuests include:

These WebQuests are designed as support materials to be used with adult learners within the context of advanced ESL, ABE or GED classes. The Teacher Page of each WebQuest lists the CASAS, SCANS and EFF competencies or skills addressed by the tasks included in the WebQuest and offers strategies for introducing the WebQuest to the class. Each WebQuest includes a vocabulary list and activities to support vocabulary instruction.

Adult Education WebQuests

How to Find a Good Job: A career exploration WebQuest designed for adult learners.

Eating Right for a Healthier Life: A nutrition exploration WebQuest for advanced ESL, ABE, and GED students.

Managing Your Money: A WebQuest designed to help guide adult learners with making important money management decisions.

Websites… Which Ones Should You Trust?: A WebQuest to help adult learners find trustworthy Websites