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Introduction Notes to the Teacher Competencies Extension Activities Evaluation

This WebQuest has been designed for more advanced level ESL students and adult learners. Previous experience working with computers is beneficial. Students will be expected to enter information, maneuver around web sites, and find information on the Web.

This exercise is strictly designed to help students become familiar with the process of developing a personal budget. It is intended to be used as support materials for a money management unit. Please be sure to explain that this exercise offers general guidelines for basic budgeting, but it does not replace the benefits of speaking with a financial advisor or seeking credit counseling if necessary.

Due to the sensitivity of this topic students should be graded mainly on class participation. There are many opportunities to collect non-personal work from students if you feel it is necessary.

Many tasks revolve around class discussions and participation. It is suggested that the teacher facilitate these portions of the activities, making lists on the board or overhead projector and guiding student input.

It is strongly recommended that teachers model each part of the Internet activities on a projector or on a computer in small groups before assigning them. Also, it is important to pre-teach the vocabulary in this lesson. Prior knowledge of the key words in this exercise is extremely beneficial.

There are some optional exercises included at the end in this lesson that could be utilized if you choose. The appropriateness of these depends on the level of your students.

As with any lesson, you may need to modify the tasks to meet your students' special needs and abilities.

It is strongly recommended that teachers visit the links prior to assigning the lesson to ensure that the information is presented in an appropriate manner for his/her students.



Warm-up and Review of Content
Begin by asking the class about budgets. What is a budget, why are budgets important, etc.

Explain to the students that they are going to be studying their own spending habits. They will be using the Internet to learn about and discover how well or poorly they are budgeting their finances.

Model the WebQuest activities using a projector or working at a computer in small groups.

Comprehension Checks
As a group, discuss the tasks and answer any questions. Once again, it would be helpful to use the projector to demonstrate.

Have students go to the computers, in groups or independently, and do the activities. Instruct them to report back when they are done.

Discuss each section of the Evaluation page as a class. Allow students to ask questions and make any changes to their work they feel is necessary.

Once all of the work is completed you should discuss the changes students intend to make with their budgets due to the knowledge they have gained. This could be done as a class or in small groups.