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Introduction Task Steps Activities Evaluation Conclusion

Task 2: Visit the Personal Nutrition Planner

Step 1: Answer some questions about yourself. You will learn how to make the best of your health according to your lifestyle and risk factors. Once you have finished, print a copy of the summary to keep. Also, be sure to print a copy of the personal nutrition planner which shows the quanitiy of food you need in each food group.

Select the "Personal Nutrition Planner" link below. You will then need to click in the "Register for Meals Matter" side bar where it says "Register Now." This Web site is free, but you must register to use it. Your teacher can help you register. After you register, find the Tools menu and choose "Personal Nutrition Planner from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Review the journal pages you filled out in Task 1. You will need to compare it to the Food Pyramid suggestions given to you. How are you doing? Are you eating too much or too little from each category? Decide whether or not you need to make changes in your diet.

Step 3: Write a summary of what you learned about yourself. In it, tell how well or poorly you think you are taking care of your body. Also include what you think you could do to become healthier.