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Introduction Notes to the Teacher Competencies Extension Activities Evaluation

Activity 1: Class Cookbook
Have each student bring in a recipe of a favorite food that is healthful and part of a well-balanced diet. With the help of the students, compile the recipes into a class cookbook. If possible, plan a class lunch, and have students bring in samples of their favorite foods. Then enjoy a healthful lunch together.

Activity 2: Working With Your Kids - Survey
This "Working With Your Kids" survey is offered as an extension activity. Parents can print this and take it home to discuss it with their children. This is created to encourage dialogue about nutrition with the family. You could take it one step further by asking parents to discuss possible changes in their diets with their children, sharing information they learned in class and from using this WebQuest. Parents could then report back to their groups the following day with what their children shared.

Activity 3: Visit the "Nutrition Exploration" Website

Encourage more independent students to visit this website with their children at home or the public library. It illustrates the food pyramid and discusses serving sizes for children in a fun way. There are also a variety of games that teach children about good nutrition. This website allows parents and children to work and learn together about a very important topic.