The Money Tree

Science turns fiction to fact, making you a home-grown millionaire overnight!

For as little as $99.99 in seed money, you too can start growing cold hard cash in your own backyard, guaranteed.

Photo of Money Tree!
Actual photo of a Money Tree in bloom!

Former Soviet scientists working in top secret underground labs have used the latest gene science to create trees that grow leaves just like money!*

The treated wood pulp produced by the trees creates the same special paper used in U.S. currency. Special gene science allows grafting to different kinds of roots to determine the dollar amount of the leaves.

Money Trees are available in Washingtonian Ones®, Lincolnesque Fives®, Jumpin' Jackson Twenties® and the ever-popular Benny 100s®. These trees are guaranteed to produce clean, crisp bills or we'll refund your money. For details, browse our catalog and order now while supplies last!

* Money grown on trees may not be recognized as legal tender in your state. Trees are sold without warranty for suitability as a source of legal tender or any other purpose.