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Question 3: Is There Bias?

What is the purpose of the web page? Are they trying to sell you something … an idea or a product? Is it a commercial site? Do they want to make money? Look for .com in the website's address. That means it is a commercial site. Look for an advertising logo. Look for a catalog with prices.

Photo George Washington from a dollar bill

Does someone want to make you believe something that they believe? Are you reading someone else's viewpoint rather than what is true? Are there other good viewpoints that you won't find on the site? Does the author use special words to try to get you to take his/her side?

Is there a Mission Statement or something in the About Us link that will help you decide why the site was created?

Task 3: Take a look at the following two websites about space travel. Which one has information that you trust? Why? You don't always have to read every word on a website to decide whether or not to believe it. That would take a long time and some of the words might be too difficult for you to read. Ask yourself all of the questions that are listed above while you look at these two sites. Discuss what you find.