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Question 4: When Was the Website Made?

Is the site too old for the information to be trusted?

Sometimes it doesn't matter when a site was created. Websites about Harriet Tubman or Anne Frank from 1996 might be just as good or better than websites about Tubman or Frank that were created in 2005. They both lived a long time ago so the information in the new sites might not be any different than the information in the older sites.

Sometimes the date the site was made matters. If you want to find statistics (facts, numbers) about the animals of the rain forest that are having their habitat destroyed, you want to use current information. You should use a site that has a recent date to get your facts.

Photo George Washington from a dollar bill

How do you find out when a website was made? Look for a date on the site. You might find a date at the bottom of the home page. You might also want to see if the website was revised or changed after it was first made. You should look for a date and the word "updated." That means the person who updated it made changes, but sometimes it might have been to just fix a spelling mistake.

Do the links work? Do you get a lot of error messages when you click on links? Or does nothing happen when you click on a link? That shows that people have not worked on the site for a long time so the information might not be current.

Task 4: Take a look at the following two websites. One of them lists statistics about getting hurt at work. The other one lists statistics about the amount of money children receive for their allowances. Which one has statistics that are the most current? Ask yourself all of the above questions while you look at these two sites. Discuss what you find.