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Introduction Notes to the Teacher Research Implementation Competencies

Websites… Which Ones Should You Trust? is a WebQuest that can be used as a supplement in ABE classes or in a Family Literacy program. It offers practitioners a resource to use in the direct teaching of information literacy or critical reading/critical thinking and comprehension skills.

Using this WebQuest, adult learners working alongside their children in a Family Literacy setting can spend time together reviewing the website evaluation tips and read the legitimate and hoax websites to determine which ones are trustworthy and present accurate information. ABE students as well can work on the WebQuest together in small groups in their literacy program.

Working together, students can learn to ask the right questions and become critical readers and thinkers. When looking at levels of reading comprehension, the tasks and activities involved in this exercise go beyond "reading the lines" for a literal translation of the text to "reading between the lines," which involves analysis and interpretation of the text.